At Aashiqi Studio, our story is rooted in addressing a significant challenge faced by young women in the first-generation community. Raised in the West between two cultures, they grapple with conflicting cultural norms that influence their perceptions of self-image and acceptance. Western ideals clash with traditional values, leading to a barrage of unsolicited comments on appearance, weight, and beauty standards.

Seeking representation and affirmation, women often turn to fashion brands and media, only to find that many cater to Eurocentric beauty standards. Multicultural fashion brands exist, but predominantly focus on traditional wear, lacking a representation of body positivity and empowerment for women of color.

Aashiqi Studio was born out of a personal quest by our founder to fill this void. Our streetwear collection combines dark and neutral colors with subtle elements of South Asian fashion, offering a versatile and bold yet comfortable look for all women of color. Our mission goes beyond fashion – we aim to empower women to fall in love with their bodies, bridging the gap between Western and immigrant cultural mindsets to promote positive self-image and acceptance.

Aashiqi Studio is a celebration of the modern-day woman, for those who, like our founder, have long sought a brand and clothing that reflects their identity and values.


  • Rucha Dave is a bioengineering graduate from Temple University with an unwavering passion to make a meaningful impact in the lives of women of color. As a South Asian American woman, Rucha always struggled to find clothing that resonated with her South Asian identity and style preferences, which leaned towards darker, more muted hues, while catering to a more casual streetwear style. She also felt that there was a lot of stigma around body positivity and loving yourself as a woman of color, and after speaking to other minority women, she realized many felt the same way. Both of these unmet needs in the market inspired her to take matters into her own hands and address this gap by launching Aashiqi Studio, providing women with comfortable streetwear with an indowestern twist.